About the Pocono Liars Club

The Pocono Liars Club is here to support local authors. We are proud to be associated with the Writers Coffeehouse and the national Liars Club.

WRITERS CONFERENCE: We have an annual Writers Conference, usually held in the spring.

WRITERS WORKSHOP: We have an annual Writers Workshop, usually held in the fall.

AUTHORS LISTING: The members of the Pocono Liars Club are listed here, and we announce their new books as they are published. If you are a published author and wish to be listed here on our web page, please attend our meetings and let us know you would like to be listed. We reserve the right to deny posting your information for good reason (such as you’re not really from the Poconos, you never attend our meetings, or you have yet to publish anything).

FACEBOOK:  The Facebook page is where our members can ask questions about writing or discuss issues of importance to writers. You can share blog posts about writing that you think may be of interest, too. Please don’t send us messages here. 

It is also used to announce any new projects you have that are being published or if you’re doing a book signing or other appearance.

You can also post announcements about writing contests, seminars, and calls for stories.

What we DON’T want on the Facebook page are the following:

1. Constant posts about your book when there really is no new news about it. This is not a place for you to advertise.

2. Posts about your books when you’re not one of our local people. This is a place for Pocono writers. If you’re from somewhere else, you can be a member — especially if you are adding good content to the discussions — but please, don’t just be there with the sole purpose of promoting yourself.

There seems to be hundreds of Facebook pages for writers and all too often, they turn into spam pages for writers to try to get people to buy their books. We don’t want that to happen to us.panel

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