Man With No Yesterdays

Pocono Liar Susan Moore Jordan‘s latest novel A MAN WITH NO YESTERDAYS is now available!

“I was born somewhere over the South China Sea in a military transport plane …”25114949_10215170723244857_943107598_n

Jake Cameron is facing the struggle of his life. A helicopter crash in Vietnam leaves Jake with total amnesia, and the young Green Beret returns home to a family he doesn’t know and can’t remember. As he attempts to piece together the life he once had, fragmented memories from his childhood serve only to increase his desperation. Unable to be the son and brother his family has lost, Jake sets out to learn whatever he can about the man he was. When he uncovers a dark family secret, he decides to protect the people he loves by disappearing.

MAN WITH NO YESTERDAYS follows Jake on his journey as he fights to find himself — a journey that takes him into his past, connects him with other Vietnam veterans, and eventually leads him to situations, places, and a love he would never have dreamed possible.

You can order a copy here.


About Michael A. Ventrella

writer, editor, game designer, lawyer, wise guy.
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