Deaglan’s Deception

Congrats to Pocono Liars Club member Belinda M. Gordon on the publication of her latest book, Deaglan’s Deception!DD-ebook-cover-300

Someone is killing leprechauns.

Tressa wants nothing more than a quiet wedding with just her loved ones around her. That hope is lost when large numbers of the fae come into the Human World to witness the King’s Jewel marry, bringing murder, sickness, and the rise of evil with them.

Dozens of fae, inexperienced with disguising their differences from humans, gather near a small town in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. Will the people of Findale discover the existence of the fae? Does the Unseelie Prince, who has sworn to burn Tressa at the stake, have one of the lost treasures? And can the assassin killing the Leprechauns be stop before he kills again?

This third book in the King’s Jewel series continues Tressa and Alexander’s story of love and intrigue as they search for the lost treasures of the Tuatha de Danann to return the Sidhe into heaven’s good graces.

You can order this now on Amazon.  Belinda’s web page has more information!


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