Memories of Jake

Congratulations to Pocono Liar’s Club member Susan Moore Jordan on her latest book, Memories of Jake!

One brother can’t remember. The other can’t forget. Andrew and Jacob Cameron are tied together by a bond more powerful than blood. As young children, they experience a horrific event that tears their family apart. JakeThen just as they complete their high school years, the Vietnam War intensifies. Both young men serve in the military: Andrew in the Marine Corps, Jake as a Green Beret. Each brother is damaged by his service in Vietnam, Jake in a way that will change his life forever. Andrew, always protective of his rakish younger brother, is determined to restore Jake and their relationship to normalcy. But when Jake disappears, Andrew’s life is left in shambles. His loving parents, his always supportive wife Mary, even his burgeoning career as an artist seem not to be enough to alleviate the pain of Andrew’s frantic question: Where is my brother?

Susan Moore Jordan, author of “The Carousel Trilogy” (How I Grew Up, Eli’s Heart, and You Are My Song) and Jamie’s Children, draws from her life experiences as a voice teacher and stage director while seamlessly weaving together stories that explore the power music has to inspire and heal. In Memories of Jake, Jordan adds the creative power of art as a family deals with tragedy, war, injury, and illness and finds healing, inspiration, and resolution.

Memories of Jake is available now on Amazon and other retailers.


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