2018 Monroe County Book Expo

The Liars had a great time at the annual local book expo. Thanks to those of you who came out to see us (and buy books!)

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2018 Pocono Writers Conference

We had a great time! Thanks to all who attended, all the presenters, and all the Liars Club members who made it work.

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Man With No Yesterdays

Pocono Liar Susan Moore Jordan‘s latest novel A MAN WITH NO YESTERDAYS is now available!

“I was born somewhere over the South China Sea in a military transport plane …”25114949_10215170723244857_943107598_n

Jake Cameron is facing the struggle of his life. A helicopter crash in Vietnam leaves Jake with total amnesia, and the young Green Beret returns home to a family he doesn’t know and can’t remember. As he attempts to piece together the life he once had, fragmented memories from his childhood serve only to increase his desperation. Unable to be the son and brother his family has lost, Jake sets out to learn whatever he can about the man he was. When he uncovers a dark family secret, he decides to protect the people he loves by disappearing.

MAN WITH NO YESTERDAYS follows Jake on his journey as he fights to find himself — a journey that takes him into his past, connects him with other Vietnam veterans, and eventually leads him to situations, places, and a love he would never have dreamed possible.

You can order a copy here.

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The Way to Varanasi

Congratulations to Pocono Liar Mary Anne Moore on her new book, THE WAY TO VARANASI.varanasi cover (1)

In this sequel to End of a Lie, reality and myth blur in exotic India.

This is a land of extremes. Opulent monuments of the past centuries lie adjacent to slums teeming with the desperately poor. It is a land where ancient gods still travel the land along with tigers, elephants and the deadly cobra. Hundreds of religions sit side by side with only a tenuous peace preventing open hostilities.  Amy Mohr, intrepid physicist, reluctant spy, takes on a mission to prevent an assassination from derailing an Indo-African economic summit. A mysterious map leads her and her partner Mike Stone on a scavenger hunt where the prize is nothing she could ever have imagined.

Check out this book on Amazon!

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Hey Hey They’re The Monkees

Pocono Liar Michael A. Ventrella took a break from his fiction writing to team up with culture historian Mark Arnold to write a book about the Monkees’ music. It was released this week and spent some time at #1 on Amazon’s “Music Reference” chart. 9781629331751-Perfect.indd

While other kids wanted to be astronauts or firefighters or nurses, Mike watched the Monkees and wanted to be in a band. He later did play in a few bands but for some reason, never had the kind of wacky adventures he assumed would be a part of it.

This book looks at the music, much of it written by some of the great songwriters of the day (Carole King, Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka, David Gates, etc.) and gives all sorts of background information as well as the author’s opinions. Also interviewed in the book are some famous rock stars of the era (Tommy James, Peter Noone, Gene Cornish, etc.). “It’s not for everyone,” Mike says, “but people who appreciate the music of that era should find it interesting.”

Their web page discusses the book in more detail. It’s available in paperback or hardcover, and will soon also be available as an ebook.

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The 5th Pocono Writers Conference

You can now sign up for the 5th Pocono Writers Conference!  Details at the link!

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Pictures from the 2017 Workshop

It was a productive day — we had a lot of fun, learned some new things, ate a lot of cookies, and made some money for the library!  (Click on a picture to see it full size)

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