To See the Sun

Survival is hard enough in the outer colonies — what chance does love have?

Life can be harsh and lonely in the outer colonies, but miner-turned-farmer Abraham Bauer is living his dream, cultivating crops that will one day turn the unforgiving world of Alkirak into paradise. ToSeetheSun_400x600He wants more, though. A companion — someone quiet like him. Someone to share his days, his bed, and his heart.

Gael Sonnen has never seen the sky, let alone the sun. He’s spent his whole life locked in the undercity beneath Zhemosen, running from one desperate situation to another. For a chance to get out, he’ll do just about anything — even travel to the far end of the galaxy as a mail-order husband. But no plan of Gael’s has ever gone smoothly, and his new start on Alkirak is no exception. Things go wrong from the moment he steps off the shuttle.

Although Gael arrives with unexpected complications, Abraham is prepared to make their relationship work—until Gael’s past catches up with them, threatening Abraham’s livelihood, the freedom Gael gave everything for, and the love neither man ever hoped to find.

TO SEE THE SUN is the latest novel from Pocono Liar Kelly Jensen.  It is available as a paperback or an ebook. You can order a copy here!

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The Murder of Theodore Roosevelt

Pocono writer John Abel presents his latest one-act play “The Murder of Theodore Roosevelt” at the Shawnee Playhouse for three consecutive Fridays starting August 17th. Get your tickets now!

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No Holds Bard

Action! Adventure! Humor! The 5th Tales of Fortannis collection, from Double Dragon Publishing, is available in paperback and kindle. It’s edited by Pocono Liar Michael A. Ventrella and features a story by him as well as a story by Pocono Liar Derek Beebe.

No Holds Bard

Here’s what some have said about this collection:

“Like a favorite smorgasbord, No Holds Bard is a rich, eclectic banquet of wonderful stories, alike only in their unpredictable telling. Want bards? Check. Elves? Check. Betrayal? Love? Sacrifice? Humor? Got ‘em all. This collection of authors come together, each with their own offering, to give the reader an experience they’ll not forget.” – Peter Prellwitz, author of the Shards Universe

“Fortannis is a complex world. This richness gives its authors plenty of room to move around in, the freedom to pick and choose, or to start with a clean slate. Some stories are light, almost humorous. Others are darker, some grim, and some even tragic.” – Allen L. Wold, author of The Planet Masters and Jewels of the Dragon

“Whole-hearted adventure, swashbuckling fun, daring heroics and plenty of humor. Prepare to be thrilled and amazed!” – Gail Z. Martin, author of Scourge and The Chronicles of the Necromancer

“The best feature of the Fortannis books—one strongly re-emphasized here—is the diversity of stories. Heroic tales are side by side with character studies, with workaday people just trying to get by in a fantasy realm, with tragedy and comedy. This is a rare mix; many collections tend to a particular flavor, and while all the stories are clearly “Fortannis,” they don’t slot neatly at all into the same categories—and that’s really a great strength. I highly recommend No Holds Bard! – Ryk Spoor, author of The Balanced Sword trilogy

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2018 Pocono Liars Workshop

The Pocono Liars are hosting a free workshop for fiction writers who wish to become published authors, but don’t necessarily know where to begin. (Here are pictures from last year’s workshop!)

In this day-long event, small, interactive group workshops will be offered, providing participants with information and personal attention. Attendees will be able to choose three workshops from the six offered.


Pocono Liars will be presenting the workshops, with a special guest appearance from Philadelphia Liars Club member Keith Strunk.

The workshops and their presenters are:

A1: Resarch: Susan Moore Jordan OR

A2: Writing Action Scenes: Kelly Jensen

B1: Point of View: Michael A. Ventrella OR

B2: World Building: Belinda M. Gordon

C1: Voice: Finding Your Story: Sahar Abdulaziz OR

C2: Writing Dialogue: Keith Strunk

Since we have limited space, please do not reserve a spot unless you are absolutely planning on attending.

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Tethered to a man perfectly willing to destroy her sanity, Bella must somehow find the strength within herself to leave and never look back. Logan appears to all who know him as a charming and adoring husband, yet behind closed doors, a dangerous, darker side emerges. To his circle of unsuspecting friends, he is the master of his destiny. To the trail of broken women left behind, a cruel and callous monster. expendableBut to his family and most of all to Bella, he remains an inescapable and recurring nightmare. Trapped, isolated, and unable to seek help, Bella plots her escape, but time, as well as opportunity, are quickly running out.

Blaming, shaming, power and control converge in Pocono Liar Sahar Abdulaziz’s new contemporary fiction novel, EXPENDABLE – the intimate story behind the “normal” veneer of one couple’s unraveling marriage.

Sahar has authored seven books which cover a wide range of hard-hitting topics: mood disorders (depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, PPD), domestic violence and sexual assault, marital and family dysfunction, racism, sexism, and prejudice, but most of all–survivorship. Her multidimensional characters have been described as having “substance and soul.”

 EXPENDABLE is available on Amazon, Kindle and paperback. You can order the book here!

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The Case of the Slain Soprano

Pocono Liar Susan Moore Jordan recently released “The Case of the Slain Soprano,” the first entry in “The Augusta McKee Mysteries” series.Capture

“The Case of the Slain Soprano,” set in Cincinnati in 1963, features one‐time opera singer Augusta McKee, professor of music on two college campuses. She’s successfully navigating her busy life in stiletto‐shod feet, until she comes up against a shocking road block. Halfway through rehearsals for a production of “The Pirates of Penzance,” Augusta receives the news that her leading lady has been murdered. However, “the show must go on,” and while forging ahead to make that happen, Augusta stumbles upon pertinent information which could lead to the identity of the perpetrator.

You can purchase this on Amazon here!

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Release the Virgins!

Pocono Liar Michael A. Ventrella has just announced his latest venture: An anthology called RELEASE THE VIRGINS wherein every story must contain that phrase at least once. He has commitments from award-winning science fiction and fantasy authors like David Gerrold, Jody Lynn Nye, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Steve Miller, Sharon Lee, and Gail Z. Martin among others.

It will be published by Fantastic Books.

For more information, check out the kickstarter page.

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