Pictures from the 2019 Writers Workshop

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The Case of the Purloined Professor

A chilling phone call in the middle of the night from a mysterious crime kingpin. An immediate gathering of friends and colleagues. 71014848_556688011768410_6485785781037170688_nThe hunt is on for Augusta McKee—amateur sleuth, former opera singer and professor of music on two college campuses in Cincinnati—last seen at a production staff meeting for her spring musical at Cliffside College.

Augusta’s beau, Homicide Detective Malcolm Mitchell, learns how perilous her situation is and what is being demanded in exchange for her safe return.Malcolm and his partner, Detective Jim Edmonds, muster their department’s forces and assistance from the F.B.I. as the danger mounts. Malcolm must discover her location, trying to piece together a trail of cryptic clues from Augusta herself. Yet one part of the puzzle eludes him.

There is a deadline to meet, and time grows short. Where is Augusta? Can Malcolm find her in time to save her life?

THE CASE OF THE PURLOINED PROFESSOR is Pocono Liar Susan Moore Jordan‘s latest novel, now available from Amazon and other fine sellers!

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How to Argue the Constitution with a Conservative

Pocono Liar Michael A. Ventrella‘s latest book is a humorous nonfiction work with illustrations by Pulitzer-Prize winning artist Darrin Bell:  “How to Argue the Constitution with a Conservative.” It was published by Gray Rabbit Publications in New York.
Ventrella, a lawyer and former Constitutional Law professor, explains the Constitution and discusses the common debates that pop up over its controversial passages, all with snark and lots of jokes.

It’s available in paperback or hard cover, and a kindle version will be available soon. You can read the Table of Contents and the first chapter here.

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Pocono Liar Susan Moore Jordan on the Today show!

The Pocono Liars Club is proud of author Susan Moore Jordan’s appearance on the Today show this morning!

Click here to watch the video!


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Sign up now for the 2019 Pocono Liars Writers Workshop

The 2019 Pocono Liars Writers Workshop is now taking reservations for this free program. It’s an informative gathering for fiction writers who wish to become published authors, but don’t necessarily know where to begin. It will be on October 12th at the Hughes Library. (More details at the link above.)

In this day-long event, small, interactive group workshops will be offered, providing participants with information and personal attention. Attendees will be able to choose three workshops from the six offered. [See Below]

Remember:  This is a workshop. Bring your laptop or pen and paper and be ready to do some writing exercises!


Plotter or Pantser: Susan Moore Jordan and Sahar Abdulaziz: There’s no wrong way to write a book. Some writers plot: planning out character elements, plot, and action in detail ahead of time. Other writers allow the characters in their head to determine what will happen next. It’s about personality and your relationship to the story inside of you. The key is to figure out what kind of writer you are and then follow the advice of the type of writers most like you. In this workshop, we will help you discover whether you’re a plotter or a panster, or a mixture of both, and what each type of writing method will entail.

World Building: Kelly Jensen: World building isn’t just for fantasy and science fiction. Readers want to know where they are, when they are, and how your story relates to the world it’s set in. Learn how to represent the familiar and create the unfamiliar in a way that won’t overwhelm your story or your characters. This workshop will include an exercise that may be shared with the class.

Show v. Tell: Kelly Hashaway: Learn how to make readers experience your story right alongside the characters by utilizing showing techniques that will bring your book to life

Hooking Your Reader: Michael A. Ventrella: We’re not all Stephen King, who can slowly lead us into the plot since we know it’s going to get good. We’re unknown — we have to grab them early! The opening paragraphs are tremendously important in getting your reader to turn the page, and this workshop will allow you to learn and practice the elements needed to hook your reader.

Point of View: Mary Anne Moore and Catherine Schratt: A writer needs to know through whose eyes the story is being seen. This may change as a story progresses, but changing POV too many times without clear guidance from the writer leads to confusion and frustration on the part of the reader. Short examples of various POV will demonstrate what the term means. To get some practice, we will divide into groups and tell a common story from the POV of different characters in it.

Writing Effective Dialogue: Sahar Abdulaziz: All genres must contain effective dialogue. Poorly executed dialogue can ruin a story. However, strong, relatable, and authentic dialogue can transform book characters into believable people. This workshop will focus on learning the guidelines for writing robust and realistic dialogue and putting those rubrics into practice. Be prepared to write.


9:00: Registration

9:30: Meet Greet Introduction

10:00: Workshop: A1: Plotter or Pantser OR A2: World Building 

11:00: Break

11:15: Workshop B1: Show v. Tell OR B2: Hooking Your Reader

12:15: Lunch [Please bring a bag lunch and drink; there is a grocery store next door, a coffee shop with snacks in the library, and other fast food places nearby]

1:15: Workshop C1: Point of View OR C2: Writing Effective Dialogue

2:15: Break

2:30: Question & Answer Panel

4:00 (or earlier depending on the Q&A panel): Closing remarks/cleanup

NOTE: When you sign up, be careful not to reserve two panels at the same time. Choose A1 or A2, B1 or B2, and C1 or C2.

Since we have limited space, PLEASE do not reserve a spot unless you are absolutely planning on attending.

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2019 Book Expo

Pictures from some of the authors at the 2019 Monroe County Library Book Expo, held on June 1st. (Click on a picture to enlarge it)

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I Have Become Death

Consumed with grief as she mourns the death of her beloved husband and
partner, Mike Stone, Amy heads to Egypt to thwart a gang of gun runners
believed to be responsible for her loss.41fEjuLeoJL

However, events do not go according to plan. She herself is left for dead on the
shores of Lake Nasser, and she goes undercover to thwart a madman’s attempt
to destroy not only Earth, but the fabric of spacetime itself. Allying herself with the
mysterious woman she calls The Medusa and an Egyptologist obsessed with
Egypt’s Age of the Pyramids, she travels the Nile and faces an enemy that
challenges her wildest imagination.

Pocono Liar M.A. Moore‘s latest novel I HAVE BECOME DEATH is now available! You can order it here and you can read more about her books at her website:

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